Is HRT Safe?

Many of us go through life only thinking about our hormones around puberty or, for women, menopause. However, our hormones are constantly changing and supporting our bodies in basic, daily functioning. Whether your hormones are imbalanced because of your stage of life, or due to a medical complication, it may seem overwhelming to decide where […]

HCG Diet: What You Need To Know

The hCG diet is a popular medical weight loss option. The diet “tricks” the brain into burning stored fat, which helps you look slimmer faster. hCG is a glycoprotein hormone that is injected into the abdomen or thigh. When combined with a low-calorie diet we’ve had patients see weight loss as quickly as one day […]

Technology is Killing us, Quickly

We have learned our lifestyle must improve however; it’s not that simple, it may require moving to a desert island. Today, with medicine at its paramount our lifespan is getting shorter. Cell phone and computer microwaves do cause cellular dysfunction while caregivers lead to believe its minimal damage, thus its okay. For example, 99% of […]

Can Gluten Free Products Improve Your Health?

Glutten free items were once a commodity that could only be found in specialty health food stores. With today’s concern for eating healthier many grocery stores are sectioning areas to accommodate all gluten-free products, both frozen food and grocery. Many people ask if this “trend” is worth the fuss or is it just another dietary […]