Doctors Best Wellness center in South Florida believes in making patients healthy and keeping them that way. From the moment a patient walks into our office, it is our mission to diagnose and find the best treatment for them.

“I know the importance of spending time with patients and I now realize that every aspect of our life affects our health. I choose to practice medicine with special tools, diet, exercise, and IV nutrition.

As a student of Western Medicine I learned diagnosis of disease and treatment based only on drugs and surgery. I had become a preacher of the surgical and pharmaceutical industry. That’s not wrong, it’s just what we learn in medical school. If you are suffering from a heart attack or need an operation then my conventional medical training has taught me true miracles to save lives. I am thankful I have these treatment modalities in my bag but I now realize my limitations. Drugs never actually fix the underlying disorder, they cover up symptoms. We, as physicians, just pray that the good outweighs the harm. Paracelsus, the Father of Pharmacology stated, “all medicines are poisons, it’s just a matter of the dosage”.

When I look objectively at where the United States ranks worldwide in quality of Health Care and consider the mind-boggling 100,000 people per year killed by appropriately prescribed medicines. One thing has become clear, I had gone to medical school naively thinking I was learning all medicine; in fact, I was closing my eyes to inquiry, true science and sound therapies that have been used for thousands of years.

Western MDs, experts on disease diagnosis with pharmaceutical treatments, can’t possibly shepherd a health care system, only a disease care system. My goal today is to help my patients achieve optimal health. I choose to work with my patients to address the root cause of disease, combining alternative and conventional medicine.” Doctors Best Wellness

That is why at Doctors Best Wellness we advocate combining conventional and alternative medicine to cure patients of their illnesses. In many cases a patient may not even require treatment. All it takes is making the proper life changes that benefit their health. The key to dealing with afflictions is prevention that can be achieved through a proper diet, the right intake of nutrients and periodical visits to your Medical specialist.

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Doctors Best Wellness

Founded over a decade ago by Dr. Val Manocchio, Doctors Best Wellness in Weston, Florida delivers top-tier patient care, promoting health through motivation and compassion.