We have learned our lifestyle must improve however; it’s not that simple, it may require moving to a desert island. Today, with medicine at its paramount our lifespan is getting shorter. Cell phone and computer microwaves do cause cellular dysfunction while caregivers lead to believe its minimal damage, thus its okay. For example, 99% of the B12 shots given the world over release cyanide into the circulation; most of the oral B12 does also. So-called experts have determined it’s only a little cyanide, so it’s okay. Really, injecting cyanide is okay? This is inexcusable because I pay only pennies more for the safe stuff. The population is being bombarded with microwaves, ingesting land and sea pollution, and our doctors are giving us just a little cyanide. Clinical studies show this triggers overwhelming inflammation (excess white blood cells; essentially, our body digesting itself) leading to low vitamins, low hormones, and poor immunity – couple that with not enough relaxation, inadequate sleep, and no exercise, and your typical American is traveling rapidly down the path to early disease and death. These dynamics are real, frightening and increasing. We haven’t even touched on the worst offender, ghastly, genetically modified food. Our gut processed something different for millions of years. When exposed to this new stuff the resulting allergic reaction leaves us chronically inflamed, with broken down immunity, ridiculously high blood sugar, and susceptible to a myriad of diseases.

23 years ago the main causes of death were diabetes, hypertension, and coronary artery disease. Today, technically the main causes of death are environmental exposure to inflammatory agents, lack of exercise and improper diet bringing about low vitamins and steroid hormone deficiencies. Together these trigger diseases of aging (including diabetes, hypertension, and coronary artery disease).

We can fight it. We can work towards fixing this. Use common sense to eradicate chronic disease.

Lifestyle is the medicine; common sense is the spoon to get the medicine down.

To begin with my best advice for everyone would be avoid gluten (wheat protein), lower simple carbohydrate intake, and move (exercise). But I can’t tell you how to get away from genetically modified tomatoes, and what about the microwaves? Until you actually move to that island and grow your own I urge you to take daily multivitamins, Fish oil, extra vitamin D and a probiotic.

If you are over 35, start thinking about hormone replacement, we age because our hormones drop off. Our lifestyle is so detrimental that hormone levels run 30% lower than our parents levels did. Parents are outliving children. Clinical studies prove hormone replacement will slow the progression of the diseases of aging. My practice focuses on treating the root cause of disease, not covering up symptoms with drugs. I and similarly trained physicians, still talk to patients, diagnose guided by labs, then treat accordingly.

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