I prescribe this drug to all my patients with my guarantee they can lose all the weight they desire and “keep it off, forever”. The Wonder Drug will virtually eliminate all chronic disease, that’s over 80% less chance of cancer, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, hypertension, asthma, arthritis, even dementia.

My patients sleep like a baby and feel better than they have in years. My prescription has no negatives; it has no side effects and the Price is right, free. Warning! You may become hopelessly, 100% addicted and never stop using it, you simply will feel that much better.

No Pharmaceutical company has been able to develop this miraculous cure all, however in my office we can teach you how to whip it up yourself.

The drug is called Lifestyle, good clean living. Simply put that’s correctly using your feet and your fork, with common sense. Obesity is totally controllable if we quit smoking, eat properly, and get adequate exercise and sleep.

I hate to project doom, but we must make changes. Our consumption of excess calories and the lore of the couch put us far from a healthy lifestyle. Marketing dollars convince us we need multicolored marshmallows in our children’s sugarcoated, breakfast cereal; refuse the con.

7 and 8-year-olds are now becoming adult onset diabetics (the name had to be changed to Type II diabetes). Parents have begun to outlive their children. By the year 2050, 50% of the population will be true diabetics.

Conventional doctors treat blood tests, not people. Results in the normal range means your fine no matter how you feel but these normal ranges are really pathologic. The typical American is fat, exhausted, on the verge of illness; who wants to have normal American blood results? Do other doctors really believe Sugar at 130 means sick & diabetic while 129 means normal & healthy? That’s what they seem to be telling my patients.

There is a silver lining, this lifestyle alteration is accessible and attainable; it will eliminate 80% of heart disease, 90% of diabetes and over 60% of all cancer.

We can do it. Use logic to govern proper use of feet and fork. Let’s eradicate chronic disease.

Use common sense to spoon feed the cure, lifestyle adjustments. My simple definition of eating well is the habitual use of small portions of protein, fruits and vegetables. Add to that diet exercise and a few basic supplements (come see me, I’ll teach you) and health will soar.

Visit Doctors Best Wellness Center and we will listen to you, then diagnose and treat.

Add years to your life and life to those years.

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