There are a lot of components to consider when developing a healthy nutritional plan, especially if you are concerned about losing weight or otherwise managing your health needs. Every person is different and has unique nutritional needs, which makes it difficult for one to develop an optimal nutrition plan on their own. Medical weight management offers the guidance and support of nutrition professionals to help men and women develop and stick to a personalized and effective weight management program.

About Medical Weight Management

The first part of medical weight management involves performing a variety of tests to determine a patient’s current health and assess their long-term goals, including simple blood testing and body composition tests. From here, we are able to determine your specific nutritional needs and develop a personalized weight management program. Your program will include both nutritional and fitness recommendations to help you reduce fat and build muscle. Your program may also include hormone replacement therapy or controlling blood sugar depending on your unique needs and test results.

How Will Medical Weight Management Help Me Manage My Weight?

Having the support and guidance of health professionals can be a vital resource in maintaining a successful weight management program. Our programs help patients ensure that they are eating the right foods, getting the right amount of exercise, and optimizing their bodies for healthy weight loss. By following a personalized plan, patients typically achieve much faster weight loss while also enjoying a program that is healthy and maintainable.

Medical Weight Management in Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you are obese, overweight, or looking to develop a personalized and sustainable weight management program, you may want to consider medical weight management. Doctors Best Wellness Center offers medical weight management to men and women living in Weston, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, and the neighboring areas of Florida. To learn more or schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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