Are you struggling to achieve your health and wellness goals on your own? Are you confused about what you should be eating to lose weight? At Doctor’s Best Health Center, we provide you with personalized nutrition consulting from your very own Certified Nutritionist. Get customized advice, meal plans, nutrition education, and suggested supplements that are tailored to meet your individual goals. In addition, micro-nutrient and allergy testing is available to give you the knowledge and power you need to achieve the most effective results. All meal plans are 100 percent tailored to accommodate your food preferences, allergies, and micro-nutrient requirements, and the best part is, little to no time is required for office visits as many of our nutrition services are conducted on your time, and in the comfort of your own home. An added benefit, all nutrition packages are formulated and board certified in anti-aging, functional and regenerative medicine.

What to Expect Out of Our Simple 4-Step Process:

 Complete a 15-minute questionnaire about your nutrition background and goals

  1. Choose your most convenient day and time to schedule your 20-minute phone consultation with our in-house nutritionist
  2. Receive your fully customized nutrition recommendations and seven-day meal plan that is tailored to your nutrition preferences
  3. Follow up with your nutritionist (at your convenience) with any questions, or for additional coaching.

Allergy and Micro-nutrient Testing

 In addition to the above protocol, Doctor’s Best Health Center also offers nutrition packages that include allergy and micro-nutrient testing so you can fully understand what your body needs to reach its optimal performance and results. With just one office visit, you will undergo simple and painless testing to determine food aversions and micro-nutrient deficiencies that may be preventing you from weight loss success. These findings will be incorporated by your nutritionist to compose the most effective and personalized meal plan and nutrition recommendations for your unique self!

You May Be Wondering, Why Use a Nutritionist?

 -All the hard work of research and deciphering information done for you

-No more guesswork–know exactly what you need to eat to achieve results

-Stay motivated to stick to your plan through coaching and accountability

-Find out underlying issues that may be contributing to weight gain

-Tailor your diet to your body’s specific needs.

The research is clear that when one works with a nutritionist his or her chances of success are increased exponentially as it can be very difficult to decipher through and apply a never-ending abyss of nutrition information that is available today. To see the large selection of nutrition and weight loss services we offer or to schedule your free consultation, click here!

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