If you are engaged and considering losing weight for your wedding, begin as far in advance as possible. Crash diets are never a good plan for weight loss, because they deplete vital nutrients from the body, leading to fatigue. The last thing you want on your wedding day is a feeling of lethargy. Since most women are engaged at least six months, this provides plenty of time to lose a few pounds to have a trimmer figure for the bridal gown of your dreams.

Healthy Diet Plans

With approximately 70 percent of engaged women attempting to lose weight, you are not alone while seeking a healthy way to diet. Taking dietary supplements, drinking meal replacement shakes, and eating protein bars designed for women are healthy ways to shed pounds. Losing weight for your wedding day with intravenous nutritional therapy using vitamin B-12 is also beneficial. To get professional advice concerning dieting, visit Doctors Best Wellness of Florida as soon as possible. Our diet experts help women create a daily food and exercise program along with a bio-identical hormone routine.

Schedule a Consultation

We make it easy to schedule a consultation. Simply fill out our online form or give us a call to begin losing weight for your wedding several months in advance. Because we know many engaged women want to drop pounds for their big day, our team offers bridal specials. Instead of following a generic meal plan, allow our physician determine the most effective way for you to get physically fit by examining blood tests. Our clinic regularly monitors blood sugar, thyroid, and ketone levels to modify your individual diet plan.

Look Your Best

Our patients receive a combination of appetite suppressant medications, bio-identical hormones, and nutritional supplements to keep a bride energized as she plans her wedding. At the same time, the low calorie diet plan we advise helps you to drop pounds quickly. We can supply intravenous nutritional therapy to boost your immune system while revitalizing your body. These will help you to withstand the hectic days involved in planning a wedding. Your skin, hair and waistline will look and feel fantastic. Instead of risking your health and personal appearance with an amateur diet plan, contact Doctors Best Wellness today to schedule an appointment.

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