Chemical peels are facial rejuvenation treatments that are similar to facials you might receive at a spa. The main difference, however, is that chemical peels are performed by medical professionals, and they provide a more aggressive facial treatment that can result in more significant benefits. Chemical peels use a safe blend of chemicals to exfoliate the skin, eliminating signs of aging, acne scars and other cosmetic concerns. Different chemical peels offer different benefits and are usually intended for a specific cosmetic concern or skin type. Here are three types of chemical peels that you may want to consider to enhance the skin.

Light Peel

Light peels are the mildest chemical peel treatment. They remove only the outermost layer of skin. This is a popular chemical peel option because it has the shortest recovery time and can be repeated often. Light peels can be effective for treating acne as well as fine lines and wrinkles. They can also enhance your skin tone. For more significant benefits, you will have to go with a more aggressive peel.

Medium Peel

Many patients feel that medium strength chemical peels are a perfect balance. They often produce noticeable results after one treatment and are a great way to reduce acne scars as well as deeper lines and wrinkles. Like a light peel, a medium peel can also enhance your skin tone. The recovery from a medium peel is slightly longer than that from a light peel and may involve peeling and flaking of the skin.

Deep Peel

A deep peel is the most aggressive chemical peel treatment option. It may be an ideal solution for scars, severe lines, and wrinkles, sun damage and other imperfections that are deep within the skin. A deep peel exfoliates multiple layers of skin to provide dramatic rejuvenation and improvements in skin tone and texture. However, the recovery is also the longest. Patients can expect several weeks of healing, during which time they will have to protect the skin from sun exposure and keep the skin moisturized for optimal healing.

Where Can I Try These Chemical Peels?

If you would like to rejuvenate the skin with a chemical peel treatment, contact us today at Doctors Best Wellness Center. We offer chemical peels and other wellness services to men and women living in Weston, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines and the surrounding areas of Florida.

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