The use of testosterone therapy for low libido (low sex derive) in women is becoming more common. Research and tests on post-menopausal women have shown positive results. Clinical studies and practical experience with thousands of patients with low libido document: testosterone can and does work to raise a woman’s desire and interest in sex.

Doctors are more aware of the fact that hormones have a significant impact on women’s libidos. Testosterone is a hormone that we can easily replace to boost your hormone levels and influence the way woman feel about sex. The myth that testosterone was only an exclusive male hormone has been busted. Studies have shown that lower levels of testosterone may be important to a woman’s health and wellbeing. That is why the use of testosterone has begun to play a more significant role in their treatment.

For years studies have supported the fact that testosterone replacement therapy in men significantly impacts their libido, bone density, energy levels and mood, so practitioners tested with small amounts of testosterone replacement in women and began to see significant and in some cases, sometimes dramatic results. Most of the recorded cases have had positive results. In the rare case when mild short-term side effects do surface, they are addressed with proper monitoring of typically low dosage.

Testosterone replacement is not a solution if the patient needs to solve psychological or relationship issues or control other aspects of their life that seem unfulfilling. Essentially, a patient needs to work with a practitioner who will help them to identify all the factors that are contributing to their low sex drive and help them work on each factor in the most suitable and beneficial way.

Testosterone Therapy on Women

Remember that the use of testosterone on women is fairly new. Many drug companies and the FDA are cautious to set up large-scale testing on women because this type of hormone therapy is complicated. As a result, there’s not a lot of information on long-term effects of using testosterone replacement, although there are no conclusive areas of concern in its use either.

The good news is that if the problem really is hormonal, or even partially hormonal, we see excellent results when we use testosterone. It is a useful tool for many of our patients because, let’s face it, no amount of therapy, sweet talk or good communication will really help your libido if you’re walking around with the hormonal profile of a 10 year old. You just won’t be interested in sex. Visit your doctor and find out how your hormone levels are affecting your libido and other aspects of your life.

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