Did you know optimal levels of Vitamin D will decrease the incidence of Breast Cancer by 83% Yes 83 per cent.

Healthy Vitamin D levels can reduce your chance of heart attack and stroke by 78%. More than 80% of asthma attacks can be prevented. Multiple sclerosis decreases by 54%, infections, allergies, depression, autoimmune diseases, even acne will be cured or dramatically improve simply by increasing Vitamin D levels.

Optimal Vitamin D decreases the incidence of “all cause mortality” by 77%; that’s any cause of death, we do all things safer, and our athletic performance is markedly improved. These are well-documented medical facts with volumes upon volumes of clinical studies as back up!!! Taking Vitamin D is a no brainer; it is probably the simplest, cheapest way in medicine to save the most lives. Vitamin D is actually a hormone and has a direct effect on over 1000 genes. And if you are having trouble dieting, you guessed it; higher Vitamin D levels are needed.

My own doctor was thrilled to bring my level up from 22 to 30 because he got me into the “normal range” (between 30-100), great, I won’t get rickets. The truth is a level of 52 would decrease my incidence of Type 1 Diabetes by 66%, a level of 44 will drop my risk of any broken bones by more than 50%, and a level of only 33 makes me 72% less likely to even have a fall. How many elders would that save?

Vitamin & mineral deficiencies have become a serious epidemic worldwide.

Every pound of fat we gain adds 1 mile of extra blood vessels that deplete our nutrients. 1 extra pound adds 3 million pounds of stress on your knees and hips. At Doctors Best Wellness Center in Cooper City now offers Intravenous Nutritional Supplementation because oral vitamins aren’t enough; our gut function is impaired and our food supply is deficient.

Pharmaceutical Supplements

Functional (science based) Medicine seeks to identify and treat the root cause of disease. In fact therapeutic doses of fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, herbs or hormones can often control disease (diabetes, depression, hypertension, and all disease) as well and often better than the monster drugs pharmaceutical companies push.

The pharmaceutical Industry will never attempt to cure disease, they merely treat symptoms. By keeping our diseases, and continuing to buy their expensive drugs, they profit from our suffering. If they develop a cure they put themselves out of business but remember, these drugs are dangerous, even when used as directed. Did you know, the 3rd leading cause of death in the US is properly prescribed medications?

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