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Dermal Fillers–Simple and More Common than You May Think!

Twenty years go, dermal fillers were only used by the rich and famous, and those who took advantage of this treatment usually did not disclose it. In fact, it was almost a taboo topic to some extent, however, aesthetic anti-aging procedures are now available and commonly used by everyday people. Nowadays, roughly three million dermal filler procedures are performed every year!

Today in 2019, going in for a filler is almost as easy and common as going in to your general practitioner. Since there are safe, effective, and affordable treatments to combat the aging process, then why not? That’s why a laundry list of noted celebrities look as if they did when they first appeared on screen back in the 90s, or even the 80s! And even some younger A-listers opt for fillers not really to combat aging, but to achieve a desired look or effect. Stars who have openly talked about receiving these treatments include Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kris Jenner.

Now if you don’t know much about dermal fillers, you may not realize just how simple they are. The four common types of dermal fillers that we employ here at Doctor’s Best Health are outlined below and you will be pleased to hear that all are non-invasive and/or non-surgical which means little to no downtime.


For those looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles specifically on their foreheads, around the eyes and mouth, eyebrows and the nasolabials (lines from the nose to mouth), Restylane is the recommended option by Doctors Best Health. It is made with hyaluronic acid and is applied by injection to the target areas. The acid smooths out signs of aging. Patients tend to choose Restylane due to the following:

  • Zero down time
  • Natural fillers
  • FDA-approved
  • Non-invasive procedure


Juvederm at Doctors Best Health targets the folds of the nasolabials ( the area that runs from the bottom of your nose to the corner of your mouth – this is what frames a smile) and the lips. The administering of Juvederm takes just 15 minutes. The Juvederm injections make your face fuller and the skin, more supple looking. Juvederm employs an injectable gel, offering an innovative approach that is made to be comfortable. Here’s why many patients choose Juvederm:

  • Little to no downtime
  • Short lived side effects that are mild to moderate
  • Immediate results
  • Non-surgical


Perlane is the go-to choice for skin rejuvenation. This dermal filler treats wrinkles and moderate to severe facial folds. The most common areas where Perlane is administered include the wrinkles on the side of the nose and mouth; it is also effective at correcting scarring. Perlane uses the same technology as Restylane but is an upgraded choice as it treats deeper wrinkles and folds. Patients choose Perlane for the following:

  • FDA-approved
  • Zero downtime
  • Instant results
  • Non-invasive and non-surgical procedure



Mainly used to treat areas of the face with obvious signs of aging, Radiesse stimulates the rebuilding of your skin’s foundation. This results in a healthier, more youthful and radiant look. Patients choose Radiesse because it:

  • Offers instant results
  • The results last
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Is Non-invasive and non-surgical
  • Is FDA-approved
  • Is a natural filler

Of course, since there are four common types of fillers to choose from and they are all intended for different results, it is best to take advantage of our free dermal filler consultation by clicking here!  All of our anti-aging procedures are supervised by our board certified physician so you receive the utmost care, all while getting the look you want!