9 Benefits of HGH Therapy

Human growth hormone, also known as HGH, is a key hormone for both men’s and women’s bodies, as it helps to regulate hormonal imbalances in the body. If your HGH is lower than it should be, this can take a serious toll on your health. Fortunately, HGH therapy is here to help. If you have […]


Everything You Need to Know About HRT

Throughout our life, our hormones go through countless changes. Men and women will experience hormone changes during different life stages and for different reasons. However, in all cases, hormone imbalance tends to be linked to a variety of causes. While some shifts are normal and nothing to cause concern, there are other times when a […]


Fort Lauderdale Residents Ask: How is Sclerotherapy Used to Treat Unsightly Veins?

Sclerotherapy is a treatment done to improve the appearance of varicose and spider veins on the legs. During this treatment, a doctor injects medicine into blood vessels or lymph vessels that causes them to shrink. The procedure is non-surgical, requiring only an injection. Sclerotherapy uses an irritating solution called a sclerosant, which is injected directly […]

The Lowdown on Lip Augmentations

Your lips are often one of the first features that someone notices about your face. In recent years lip augmentations have increased in popularity thanks to the celebrities touting full and luscious pouts. Lip injections at Doctors Best Wellness Center can help you achieve this popular look with minimal discomfort. About Lip Augmentations The term […]


Technology is Killing us, Quickly

We have learned our lifestyle must improve however; it’s not that simple, it may require moving to a desert island. Today, with medicine at its paramount our lifespan is getting shorter. Cell phone and computer microwaves do cause cellular dysfunction while caregivers lead to believe its minimal damage, thus its okay. For example, 99% of […]