The human body is a true miracle – the most complex mechanism on the planet. An intricate web of fluids, biomechanics and electrical transmitters make us who we are and provide fuel to run this incredible engine. Of course no machine lasts forever, parts wear out and efficiency decreases over time.

Universities and research centers throughout the world continue to unlock the secrets of aging. Integrative, anti-aging medicine is like an “extended warranty”, using proper maintenance to minimize breakdown and maximize performance. Most conventional medical doctors still believe that the progression of growing old is inevitable. I do not accept that weakness, fatigue, wrinkles, depression, cognitive difficulties, lack of vitality, on and on, are inescapable and I treat aging like any other condition that can be treated. I don’t minimize the importance of my medical training, however today I do use the ”Best of both worlds philosophy” combining conventional medicine, with evidence-based alternative practices for a more complete, holistic approach then my medical school taught.

It’s not entirely clear what percentage of aging is genetically programmed and how much is just wearing out over time. Just as a photocopy loses quality, each cellular replication becomes fuzzier and successive cells grow weaker and weaker leading to mutations, disease, and eventual cellular death. The characteristics we associate with growing older – fatigue, memory loss, sexual issues, even graying of your hair – are all related to cellular death. As cells within the body grow old and die, it leads to malfunctions of the bodily systems and networks. For example, as the cells that release pigment in our hair follicles die off, our hair turns grey. We lose muscle and nerve fiber cells and we grow weaker. Death of brain neurons leads to memory loss, and so on with all the “symptoms” of aging. I prescribe many sound therapies for prolonging cellular life and quality which improve health, wellness, and longevity, however there is still much to be learned. Regardless of genetics, aging is very much affected by outside influences and behaviors we can control, lifestyle adjustments which will greatly impact how gracefully and slowly we age.

Anti-aging medicine does not make false claims or “fountain of youth” promises. Practiced by certified professionals, this therapy is scientific, evidenced based, and well documented by peer-reviewed journals.

We use innovative techniques for early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age related dysfunctions. Age management protocols individualized and applied properly will both extend your lifespan and prolong your healthspan (the length of time that you are able to live productively and independently).

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